You take care of the patients, we'll look after numbers.


How we can help medical professionals

At PRESSON TAX ACCOUNTANTS we help to cut our clients anxieties. We do this by using our extensive experience of providing accounting, taxation and auditing services to a wide range of medical professionals including:

  • General Practices (GP’s)
  • Consultants
  • Dentists & Hygienists
  • Residential Care Homes

The experience we have gained within your profession means that we not only have all the expert knowledge and experience you need, but that we also have a key understanding about the industry you work in and the legislation and time pressures you face.

We have dedicated staff who will help take the pressure off you so that you can spend your time where you are needed most, helping your patients.


General Practice- GP

Our dedicated team have extensive knowledge of your industry and we use digital platforms to help our clients simplify their compliance stuff which has helped most of our GP clients save about 80% of their time on compliance work so that they can focus on what they love best.
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We work with a number of consultants and have built up specialist knowledge of how you work.
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Dentists & Hygienists

We have been working with dentists and dental professionals since the firm over 10 years. Through experience with our existing clients in this profession we really understand that every dental practice is unique and requires a service designed to be flexible to each practice’s requirements.
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As a specialist firm of medical accountants our locum clients get to benefit from the following; • We are experienced at working with locums and can help you with business decisions which will directly affect your income, such as what the most efficient legal entity structure would be for your earnings. As taxation specialists we can help keep your personal and practice tax bills to a minimum.
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Residential Care Homes

At PRESSON TAX ACCOUNTANTS we also have extensive knowledge in this sector and have been assisting our clients to run their care homes and residential homes more efficiently.
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Professional pharmacy accountants

At Presson Tax Accountants our committed team of pharmacy accountants offer a specialist service to community pharmacists and locum pharmacists. We can assist you with accountancy and taxation needs, using our in-depth knowledge and experience in the sector.
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