At Presson we are passionate about helping our individual and corporate clients discover the hidden value in their businesses;

So whether you are a sole trader or running a small and medium size company, you will benefit from our bespoke tax and accountancy services tailored to meet your specific needs. Contact us today for more details. 



Clients are up and running in less than 24 hours!

The Key Benefits: 

• Frees up your time and resources

• Payslips are sent direct to your employees 

• Auto Enrolment & Pension processing (Covers A to Z) 

• RTI Returns are filed to HMRC on time 

• Year-End Returns to HMRC 

• Prepare P11D’s 

• Deal with Childcare vouchers 

• Removes the stress of payroll & a fast, efficient service 

• Provides you with relevant tax saving advice on employee expenses and other issues Call us today to find out more about how we can help you.


Helping you spend less time with your books.

We make sure the information we produce for you is accurate and reliable.

In-house or Outsource Bookkeeping

Whether you want to outsource your bookkeeping or do it in-house, we can help you. Drop off your invoices and bank statements. We can do all the processing for you… OR We visit your premises and do the bookkeeping. OR You can scan it, and we can do it all remotely. It will be our pleasure to help you to choose the right book-keeping system (On-Line platform) for your business. We will ensure the information produced for you is accurate and reliable. Presson can help you to spend less time keeping your books. We can proactively prepare your: management accounts, VAT returns, end-of-year accounts, and your estimated tax liabilities as you go along, so there are no end of year surprises. It also makes it easy for us to handle and tax inspections, if necessary. Why not call us to find out more about how we can help you?

Making Tax Digital


Many VAT-registered businesses with turnover above the VAT threshold (£85,000) will be the first to join HMRC’s brave new digital world. This will revolutionise the way many businesses keep their books and accounts. It is HMRC’s hope that one day the tax return as we know it will have been entirely abolished, and all individuals and businesses will be required to submit their tax returns digitally.

All individuals and small businesses will have access to digital tax accounts, with the information HMRC needs already automatically uploaded. HMRC believe that you should never have to tell them information they already have and therefore under and over payments should be reduced. Digital accounts will give you a single, personalised view of your tax position across all liabilities and entitlements.

From April 2019, businesses with turnover above the VAT threshold (£85,000) will be required by law to keep their records on accounts software. Many people already do that – but there will be an additional requirement in that, the software must be capable of sending information to HMRC every three months. We know that the major software developers such as QuickBooks, Sage & Xero are Making Tax Digital compliant.


Tax Investigation


Tax Compliant?

Presson Tax Accountants’s tax investigation team has been set up to deal with any HMRC enquiry or investigation into your business or private affairs, including:

  • Full business investigation
  • PAYE and VAT inspections
  • Technical enquiries
  • Undisclosed income
  • Civil investigation of fraud

HM Revenue & Customs employ specialists to carry out tax investigations. HMRC has been tasked by the government to raise an extra £7bn a year from tax investigations, and are on a mission to meet that target. It is essential to use specialists to defend yourself against HMRC.

At Presson Tax Accountants, we have the experience and expertise to make sure that HMRC do not assess tax that is not properly due, and to minimise settlements where tax has been underpaid. With an eye for detail and long experience of HMRC tactics, our team of tax investigation specialists will deal with tax enquiries effectively and efficiently. We aim to close cases as soon as is practical, with the minimum outlay to you.

Contact us on 0115 916 3180 in the first instance.


Accounting Software and Training


Presson Tax Accountants  offer a wide range of digital accounting solutions and support and training to our clients looking to change their accounting package or looking to install a computerised system for the first time.


Cloud accounting


Cloud accounting software gives you the freedom that enables you to keep your business finances organised, monitor your cash flow and keep track of your profitability, saving hours of bookkeeping for even the smallest of businesses.

We are partners with Xero, and offer extensive training and support on Xero Online, our preferred cloud solution. We currently offer free demonstrations of Xero Online which we hope allows you to fully review the software before making the switch. We do however recognise the wide use of Quickbooks and FreeAgent amongst small businesses and therefore are on hand to offer help and support for those businesses using such products.

Our experience with Cloud accounting applications allows us to offer “app stacks” specific to the industry in which your business operates, and therefore we take away the burden on small business owners to choose the right product from 500+ solutions on the market. Examples of Apps used by many of our clients are  AutoEntry, Receipt Bank, Go Cardless, Futurli and Chaser.

The cloud accounting packages we work with are fully MTD compliant.




We SAGE extensively and can help our clients choose the best package for them as well as installing and training clients. We are often able to offer a discount on upgrading existing versions of SAGE 50 to MTD complaint version.


We don’t just offer the set-up of cloud systems we complete the package with compliance services and ongoing proactive advice under our PTA+ service.

Presson Tax Accountants PTA+ is the new, innovative cloud-based accounting software designed to help the forward thinking self-employed manage their finances, anytime and anywhere. It blends trusted business advice with the very best in cloud accounting software.

PTA+ allows you to be in control of your finances from day one and make proactive and informed financial decisions. It’s the perfect cloud accounting solution for start-up, growing and established businesses.


Worried about paying too much tax ?