What is Research and development Tax Relief?

Research and Development Tax Relief is the government’s way of rewarding companies that are doing the following

1.New Product Development                                       

2.Incremental Product Development       

3.New Process Development              

4.Incremental Process Development

Chances are your company could qualify without knowing it.

 Qualifying criteria.

 If you are passionate about enhancing your services or improving your products for your costumers, chances are
 that you could be eligible for R&D Tax Credits without knowing it:
Activities such as below qualify:
Software development
Improve process
Development of new materials
Development of new products etc.
With our carefully tried and tested 7 step R&D procedure we will thoroughly assess you. There will be no obligation to pay us, if you don’t qualify or a claim.


(7 Steps Process To Maximise Your R&D Tax Relief Claim Whilst Reducing Your Risks)

1. Prepare You For R&D by giving you a copy of this book – We really want to help and create awareness which is we give you a copy of white paper.

2. Rapid Review Of Your Situation – We will together go through some of the questions in this report

3. Extensive Review Via a Meeting – We arrange an extensive review to ensure we leave no stone unturned. Don’t worry we will not send you a technical form and ask you to complete. This often defeats the purpose. But it’s important that we sit down with senior and technical people who can explain the projects to us.

4. Structure Your Claim – Using our 3-step approach (Draft Report-Cost Capture-Final Report), we will structure your claim including the technical report in a language that HMRC understands

5. Sign, Send Off and Save – You sign the report, we send it off you receive your savings typically within 6 – 8 weeks

6. Open Up Other Tax Claims – As part of our ethos to uncover hidden wealth for you, we will look to review other areas often neglected for you.

7.Negotiate With HMRC – We will handle any enquiries from HMRC for you.

Worried about paying too much tax ?