At Presson Tax Accountants our internal audit process ticks all the regulatory boxes and we ensure that our internal audit process is positive for your business. Ask yourself these questions – if something went wrong within your business, would your business be resilient due to having the right controls and safeguards in place? Are your current controls fulfilling their purpose? Are your current controls adequate in mitigating risk?

Our specialist team will help you with your business whether you are looking to outsource your internal audit function or if you just need some advice on your current internal auditors.

Our process will be tailored per business by assessing your audit needs whilst considering your businesses’ size, activities and environment. We will always ensure that our bespoke plan meets your requirements and then we will set a timescale and key dates. Throughout and after the process we will support, assess, monitor and benchmark your business.

How will an internal audit team help my business?

Businesses that have effective internal controls will ensure that the business can and will continually evolve whilst taking on new processes and systems. Businesses therefore become a more attractive investment proposition which can lead to cheaper bank funding.

Having the expertise to identify potential risks within your business can only result in success. It is important to undertake a continuous review of the effectiveness of risk management and the controls you have in place. Not only will an internal audit help your business to grow but you will also gain client trust whilst avoiding any costly fines associated with non-compliance.

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