Helping you spend less time with your books.

We make sure the information we produce for you is accurate and reliable.

In-house or Outsource Bookkeeping

Presson accountancy services… Whether you want to outsource your bookkeeping or do it in-house, we can help you.
Drop off your invoices and bank statements.We can do all the processing for you…OR We visit your premises and do the bookkeeping.ORYou can scan it, and we can do it all remotely.It will be our pleasure to help you to choose the right book-keeping system (On-Line platform) for your business. We willensure the information produced for you is accurate and reliable.Presson can help you to spend less time keeping your books.We can proactively prepare your:management accounts, VAT returns, end-of-year accounts, and your estimated tax liabilities as you go along, so there are no end of year surprises.It also makes it easy for us to handle and tax inspections, if necessary.Why not call us to find out more about how we can help you?

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