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Are you researching or developing a new product, process or service, or improving an existing one? Convert your R&D spend into cash.

Getting the best advice at the start…

Whatever your product, process or service, we can help you with all your tax needs.

Starting a new business can be a bit daunting at times.Here at Presson, we speak ‘everyday’ language to help you understand all of your tax needs right from the start.

In fact, we are more than just tax accountants. At Presson, our tax specialists are passionate about helping new start-ups claim R&D tax relief that could be due to them.So, if you’re working on a new product, process or service, or making improvements to an existing one, there’s a strong likelihood that you are eligible to claim tax relief.What’s more, the government are saying that you don’t even need to be successful. Use our R&D Tax Calculator to see what you could claim.We can help you to claim the money you are eligible for. Drop us an email, or call us today.

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